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About Carpe Libra

It started with a list.

About 15 years ago, several of us decided we wanted to read the classics. After exploring lists put together by others, we determined to create our own list. After some adjustments here and there, we ended up with The Carp 500. This list contained most of the popular classics of western literature, a handful of books from a variety of other genres and a smattering of books that we thought were just flat out good reads. We also came up with a RATING SYSTEM to help us evaluate our enjoyment of a given work.

There’s also the “other stuff” — We’ve added many books that are listed by categories, from Crime and Disaster to U.S. Political History to Graphic Novels and many more.

Membership: Membership is free. If you’d like to join, email Kelli at: skcwick at yahoo.com. Benefits consist primarily of access to the database with the ability to add your own ratings and reviews and inclusion on the e-mail and forum lists.

Other Stuff

Reviews: You can add a review for any book you’ve rated. Please do this as often as you can. Your review doesn’t have to be serious and thought-provoking. If you liked the book, say so. If you read it to your kids and they liked it, tell us. If you think the experience of reading the book is better while eating potato chips, let us know. Crack a joke — or be serious, make a point or start a theological discussion.

Forums: Our forums operate like any others. Forum discussions are initiated in one of three ways:

  • Starting a new forum discussion on the Forum page.
  • Sending an e-mail message to members.
  • Writing a review for a book.

Blog: Anybody, member or not, can make comments on the blog.

Adding Books: At this time, only members of Carp Management can add new books.