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Banned Book: Ulysses

For Banned Books Week, I decided to read James Joyce’s Ulysses, well not quite the whole thing this week, it’s 640 pages long. Anyway, I have no idea why the book was banned. Nothing happens.

It’s the story of a guy going through a day and all his thoughts and other people’s thoughts and thoughts of thoughts of people’s thoughts on thoughts.

Supposedly the story mirrors Homer’s Odyssey. Seeing as how I’ve never read Homer’s Odyssey, I had no idea. Apparently writing about people’s thoughts on thoughts was also popular in the eighth century BC as well. Who knew?

Although I have not read Homer’s Odyssey, I did see O Brother Where Art Thou? and also bought the soundtrack. I can see some similarities I guess.

I plan on finishing the book at some point and perhaps it will make more sense. Not willing to bet on that though. Maybe I’ll Just watch the Star Trek Quartet.