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Archive for July, 2008

Vocabulary Quiz

One of the ways reading supposedly makes you smarter is that it increases your vocabulary. The main reason you want to increase your vocabulary is so you can trounce people at word games. The folks at the Concise Oxford English Dictionary have put up an on-line quiz to measure your vocabic power. Good luck.

Read Walking

Need more time to read your Carp books? Read while you walk!

Why Read the Carp 500?

It’s weird that I was one of the early joiners of the Carp 500. I like reading, but I read mostly non-fiction. I was forced to take literature classes in college, including a whole class on Shakespeare, heightening my disdain for literature. The only thing I remember from the Shakespeare class is that I never […]

What Next?

Wondering what to read next but afraid to ask your librarian (see post below)? This site can help: What Should I Read Next? It seems it actually works, because I entered in the title of one of my favorite books and immediately want to read all the books they listed. Cool. I’ll take my list […]

Goodnight Bush

In a glaring oversight, while revamping the Carp 500 I forgot to eliminate the stupidest book on the list, Goodnight Moon. There may be more vile books, more boring books, more lengthy books, but no, you will not find a more stupid book. A rewrite is desperately needed and perhaps, here’s a suitable alternative, but […]

“Christian” “Football” “Books”

The New York Times points out that if you are a football player who wants to be published, you better clean it up, make it positive and have a Christian publisher publish it. The bottom line is that it’s all about the Benjamins. Christians don’t go to Christian bookstores to learn about God, they go […]

Down with Dewey

Although I enjoy digging up weird news on book-related themes, I haven’t come up with much the last few days. It’s not for lack of effort. Well, actually, it sort of was. But, seriously, there’s not much going on. The most exciting thing I’ve found today is someone wondering if libraries should arrange themselves like […]

Golden Books

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan has a new display on the artwork of the last 65 years of Golden Books. Golden Books ramped up children’s book publishing by including very well illustrated stories. It was their defining touch and is now being honored. Launched in 1942—the first full year of America’s involvement in the Second […]

CS Lewis Bullies 11-year old

“A couple who bought a web domain name as a birthday present for their 11-year-old son have lost a battle with the estate of C.S. Lewis to keep it.” The boy was a fan of CS Lewis but he may not be so much anymore. Nice testimony.

Carpe Libra and the Bible

There are a handful of Christian books on the Carp 500. You won’t find nearly as many Muslim, Buddhist or any other religion’s books. The reason for this is that the Carp 500 was started by a Christian and the initial Carp group were all believing types. The books included are either very good books on […]