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Archive for January, 2008

Magic Highway

Here's a look at what people in 1958 thought life would be like now. (Amazingly, they got some of it right!)

Thomas’s Readings

A favorite website of mine is Library Thing. You can upload all the titles of the books you own – see other people who own the same books as you do, and spend a lot of time finding book recommendations. Recently they did a profile on Thomas Jefferson and entered in every title from his […]

Random Thoughts While Re-watching Titanic

I watched Titanic last night for the first time since I saw it in the theater in 1997. Here are some scattered thoughts I had. This was a very ponderous movie. The plot with Jack and Rose could have been entertaining, but it dragged. The story of the ship was the real story, but even that […]

Maybe Reading to Children Isn’t Such a Good Idea After All

Here's an amusing post about depressing nursery rhymes.

Okay, He’s Funny

David Copperfield is growing on me. I just had to get into the groove. Dickens has hit his stride in describing David's crush on Dora.  Until the day arrived on which I was to entertain my newly-found old friends, I lived principally on Dora and coffee.  Now that's classic writing. I lived principally on Dora […]

Worth the Wait?

Here's a trivia question for you. It took the inventor nearly 20 years to get a company to produce and distribute this product … chances are you have one.  What is it? I'll put the answer in the comments in a few days.

A Glimmer of Hope

After posting yesterday of my struggles with David Copperfield, I got down to work last night and was determined to make it through 30 pages. I don't know if it was the weather or just that I was in the right mood, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the passage Dickens wrote describing […]

David Copperfield

I have been reading David Copperfield for close to ten months now. I have carried it:  -to the dentist's office -while babysitting some kids -to the hair salon -in my car for about two months -upstairs -downstairs -back upstairs -to my in-law's house -to the Wheel of Fortune tryouts I just could not and cannot […]

On Reading Fairy Tales

Here's a very funny post on reading fairy tales.

Kids’ Library

Want to get your kids interested in books? Take them here (although I have no idea where "here" is).