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Archive for September, 2007

October Is Cow Month!

During October, we're all about cows. Check the blog daily to learn all sorts of exciting things — books, movies, recipes, poems … Like I said, all sorts of exciting things.

Cover Design

Have you ever noticed that mass-produced paperback classics often have cover art that has little or nothing to do with the plot of the novel? This has always bothered me. But it also got me thinking … What if I took a random photo and tried to figure out on what novel's cover it would go […]

Carp Management Pt. 4

Hi, I’m Kelli. And I’m addicted to reading. Boxed Up, I’m: 1. A SAHM to three kids (ages 3,5 and 7) 2. A Sanguine/Phlegmatic (which means I have lots of great ideas, but don’t care if they get done or not). 3. A germaphobe and get grossed out by thrift shops. (Just trying to think […]

Carp Management – Craig

I don't know that anything I do can be considered management, but here I am. I have been married to Tiffany since May 13, 1995, at approximately 4:20PM.  This is us (I'm in the hat) standing in the cold along the shores of Lake Michigan.  We look happy, don't we?   Now we look even happier, […]

Italian Humor

"Humor" might be a stretch, but I did come across some Italian jokes.  Unfortunately, I only found one joke worthy of posting so this post will be much shorter than I anticipated, therefore, I'll fill in space with a long introduction.  Not that I'm overly PC, but the rest of the jokes seemed too stereotypical and we […]

Espresso Trip to Italy

Me In Place has a post on how to make a mocha – take a sip and be transported to Italy!  Click here 

Buca di Beppo

In honor of Italy month, I invited the fam and a friend to come along to Buca di Beppo for a delicious Italian meal. Buca di Beppo is a chain restaurant with the closest location being about 20 miles from our house. Here's my review:  Food: The food is served family style, but you can […]

Italian Artist Spotlight-Fra Filippo Lippi

Fra Filippo Lippi, (1406-1469),was an Italian artist known as an innovative and accomplished painter of the Florentine Renaissance.  He is also a prototype of the rebellious, romantic artist (my favorite type if artist!).  Lippi was raised in a Carmelite friary and took his vows in 1421.  He developed a his own, distinct style with which […]

Eatin’ Italian in Cary

OK, Cary isn't exactly a hotspot of Italian culture, but we have a few things to offer. The first is Galati's, the most popular restaurant in town. It isn't the most authentic Italian food you'll ever have — but it's definitely edible. The pizza, in particular, is very good. And now there's a new place […]

Spaghetti Soundtrack

Whether your treating yourself to spaghetti or pizza or a fine Italian dish like macaroni and cheese, the mood will be much more authentic with the appropriate soundtrack.  To make things easier for you, I've gone out of my way to provide a soundtrack for a fine Italian meal.  Just a word of warning: I […]