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Archive for June, 2007

This Week In Books, June 24 – 30

James Russell Lowell’s poem “What is So Rare as a Day in June” is one of about 50 poems on the Carp 500.  I really, really, really tried to work a clever reference to the poem into TWIB this month, but I just couldn’t do it without telling a really, really, really lame joke.  I should have asked our very […]

A Carp Never, pt. 2

A month or so ago, Carp management asked us to post pictures of places we've read on our summer vacation, since Carps never travel without a book.  So here is my contribution.  The book was Jefferson Davis, American by William J. Cooper, Jr, a timely read, as it turned out, because we crossed paths with many landmarks of Jefferson Davis's career.  […]

This Week In Books, June 17 – 23

This was the slowest week yet in Carp 500 history, so read this twice and it might seem much more interesting. On June 21, 1788, New Hamphsire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, which is one of the works on the Carp 500.  Since the Constitution would not take effect […]


Is there a list anywhere on the site of good biographies of the presidents? I would like to slowly make my way through the presidents – reading the "best of" books on them. Keeping in mind that I don't really want loonnnnng books on them, what would you recommend? (Start with George!)

This Week In Books, June 10 – 16

June is one of the best months.  It’s not too warm or too cool.  It’s a good time to get outside and it’s a good time to start new things.  Apparently, it’s also a good time for the inspiration of classic books, as this week in Carp 500 history is full of events that would ultimately lead to […]

These Weeks In Books, May 27 – June 9

I’m back.  But not a lot happened these two weeks in Carp 500 history, so I picked a good time to go away. On May 28, 1902, Owen Wister’s The Virginian was published. May 31, 1775: The Mecklenburg Resolutions asserted that the British no longer had authority to rule in North Carolina.  This has nothing to […]

June Kid’s Book(s) of the Month

I have two books to share this month. Both are written and illustrated by John Butler. The first book is “If You See A Kitten”. I shared this one with my preschool storytime kids and they had so much fun with it. The text asks what do you do if you see a kitten…you say […]

Poem 5

And another one! This one is from Melissa Stalcup: I like vacation I get to sleep late. Relaxing and reading No worries, no wait. Swimming is another activity I enjoy. Waving my arms through the water – ahoy!

Poem 4

From Meredith Hanson (age 9): Vacation Feelings I feel the sand between my toes and feel the sun on my face and feel the breeze run through my hair and the coolness of the waves as they wash upon the shore before me. And when night falls, I recall the feelings I had that day […]

Poem 3

From Craig Todd: Who I Was on My Summer Vacation or An Innocent Cubs Fan’s Daydreams For nine months of the year Homework was my only care But when summer rolled around My imagination jumped its bounds Alone in the schoolyard I was… Rick Reuschel throwing one more no-hitter, Sometimes I’d bat like Larry Bittner. […]