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Archive for December, 2006

This Week In Books, December 24 – 30

In the week that closes out the year, there were a few debuts this week in Carp 500 history, as well as the annual appearance of one of our favorite visitors. On December 24, every year, those of us who were nice receive A Visit From St. Nicholas.  Those who were naughty will have to settle for reading Clement […]

This Week In Books, December 17 – 23

It’s a good thing we’re all busy with Christmas, because this was another slow week in Carp 500 history.  There just wasn’t much going on, but here’s what did happen… On December 17, 1843, Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol, and you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a decent picture of the […]

This Week In Books, December 10 – 16

This was another light week in Carp 500 history.  I guess all our authors were busy shopping or at Christmas parties.  On December 10, 1778, John Jay (The Federalist Papers) was elected president of the Continental Congress.   December 10, 1938: Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind began filming.  December 14, 1799: George Washington, whose Farewell Address is […]

It’s Important to Enjoy Your Job

Over the years, I’ve picked up a lot of Carp 500 books from the library paperback exchange. This is my favorite:    


Some interesting facts from Chicago Magazine, December 2006: 24 – Number of holiday gifts the typical shopper expects to buy $671 – Amount the average US consumer planned to spend on gifts in 2005 $928 – Actual amount the average US consumer spent on gifts in 2005 40% of people started holiday shopping before Halloween […]

This Week In Books, December 3 – 9

This wasn’t a particulary busy week for the Carp 500 in history, but what did happen was important to the creation of a couple of the shorter works on the list.  Also, there were quite a few birthdays. On December 3, 1947, Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire opened on Broadway, with Marlon Brando and […]

Carp Kids’ Book(s) for December

It is Christmastime on a Virginia plantation in 1859. There is joyous celebrating going on in the big plantation house. There is also talk of John Brown’s raid and secession. There is also celebrating going on in the quarters-it is the “big times”, when the slaves can rest from their work and visit with family. […]


My husband brought up about 110 CDs that were drifting around the basement. He asked that I download them into iTunes and sort out which ones could go to storage and which ones should be on the CD holder in the living room. After going through, sorting, throwing away, asking why in the world we […]

Try Not Buying a Book

Nobody else is posting, so I'll just keep filling space 'til somebody writes something better… which will not be hard to do, trust me! There are a couple books out there I've been wanting, desiring , lusting after needing. One is Rachael Ray's latest: 2, 4, 6, 8 Meals for Couples or a Crowd. I […]

Queue Review

I know I posted on this in the original Carp blog. Forgive me, but I'm back in the "zone" of Nero Wolfe again. I caught a couple episodes of A Nero Wolfe Mystery back when it first aired on A&E in 2001-2002. I always wished I could have seen them all, so I was sure […]