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Kid’s Book of the Month

With his bright, whimiscal artwork, Miroslav Sasek, takes children on a tour of Rome.  He begins on the hill called Palatine and from there we "travel" about and see famous statues,Venice Square, the Colosseum, and many other famous sights.  Sasek's artwork is charming!  I love the vintage look it has.  This book was published in […]

August Kids’ Book of the Month

“Inch By Inch” is a very cute story of an inchworm who outwits a hungry nightingale. When the inchworm is first threatened by a robin, he tells the robin how useful he is because he can measure things. All the other birds want him to measure their legs, beaks, etc. But when the nightingale asks […]

July Kid’s Book(s) of the Month

I came across a really neat set of board books.  The series is titled “Mini Masters” by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober.  There are several titles in the series, including, “Painting With Picasso” and “A Picnic With Monet”.  Each two page spread has a copy of one of the artists’ works accompanied by simple rhyming […]

June Kid’s Book(s) of the Month

I have two books to share this month. Both are written and illustrated by John Butler. The first book is “If You See A Kitten”. I shared this one with my preschool storytime kids and they had so much fun with it. The text asks what do you do if you see a kitten…you say […]

April Kid’s Books

I’m a little late getting these book suggestions out, but here we go anyway! I selected two books to share this month. The first one is for the older crowd. “At Jerusalem’s Gate/Poems Of Easter” by Nikki Grimes is a retelling of the Easter story through poems. Many of the poems are from the viewpoint […]

March Kid’s Book

For March’s kid’s book, I picked a cool little board book named, “A Little Bit of Soul Food” written by Amy Wilson Sanger. The simple rhyming text describes a variety of delicious traditional “soul food”. Being raised in the south, this is what I grew up on and it reminds me a lot of my […]

2007 Caldecott Medal Winner

I just finished reading David Wiesner's "Flotsam", which is the 2007 Caldecott Medal winner. I love it so much, I had to feature it! "Flotsam" is a wordless picture book that tells the story of a young beachcomber who finds a Melville underwater camera washed up on the beach. He rushes off to have the […]

February Kid’s Book

This month, I picked Arnold Lobel’s “Owl At Home”.  I love this book for so many reasons.  For one, it’s just a great cosy book for reading during the cold, winter months.  Owl is so lovable and innocent and funny.   I also love reading these stories out loud and have even dramatized a couple for storytimes.  […]

January Kid’s Book

My pick for January is “Edward the Emu” by Sheena Knowles and illustrated by Rod Clement.  Edward, zoo resident, decides his life as an emu is boring.  He decides the seals next door are more exciting, so he moves to their place and becomes a seal, until he hears a visitor say the lions are […]

Carp Kids’ Book(s) for December

It is Christmastime on a Virginia plantation in 1859. There is joyous celebrating going on in the big plantation house. There is also talk of John Brown’s raid and secession. There is also celebrating going on in the quarters-it is the “big times”, when the slaves can rest from their work and visit with family. […]