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This Week (plus one day) In Books, July 22 – 29

It’s hard to believe, but TWIB has been in business for a year already, so this is the final edition.  If you really want to know what happened in Carp 500 history after this week, just look back at last year’s posts.  This was quite a good week for TWIB to finish up on, too.  The problem is, […]

This Week In Books, July 15 – 21

After 50 weeks, we’ve finally gotten to a week where absolutely nothing happened in Carp 500 history.  At least I coudn’t find anything, not even a single event I could twist in such a way to make it sound like it applied to Carp.  I guess it is vacation season.  So we’ll skip right to the […]

This Week In Books, July 8 – 14

This week you get to experience the first ever TWIB road trip.  Not that you’ll notice a difference reading it, but I sure can tell a difference writing it from the beautiful and exotic Red Rood Inn of Huntersville, NC.  And what makes it exotic?  The red roof, of course…and the Quaker Instant grits I’ve eaten at the hotel breakfast the last four days.  So, […]

This Week In Books, July 1 – 7

This was a very interesting, active week in Carp 500 history, so I’ll get right to it. On July 1 -3, 1863, the Union Army of the Potomac defeated the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia at the Battle of Gettysburg.  President Lincoln delivered his “Gettysburg Address” four months later at the dedication of the battlefield […]

This Week In Books, June 24 – 30

James Russell Lowell’s poem “What is So Rare as a Day in June” is one of about 50 poems on the Carp 500.  I really, really, really tried to work a clever reference to the poem into TWIB this month, but I just couldn’t do it without telling a really, really, really lame joke.  I should have asked our very […]

This Week In Books, June 17 – 23

This was the slowest week yet in Carp 500 history, so read this twice and it might seem much more interesting. On June 21, 1788, New Hamphsire became the ninth state to ratify the Constitution of the United States, which is one of the works on the Carp 500.  Since the Constitution would not take effect […]

This Week In Books, June 10 – 16

June is one of the best months.  It’s not too warm or too cool.  It’s a good time to get outside and it’s a good time to start new things.  Apparently, it’s also a good time for the inspiration of classic books, as this week in Carp 500 history is full of events that would ultimately lead to […]

These Weeks In Books, May 27 – June 9

I’m back.  But not a lot happened these two weeks in Carp 500 history, so I picked a good time to go away. On May 28, 1902, Owen Wister’s The Virginian was published. May 31, 1775: The Mecklenburg Resolutions asserted that the British no longer had authority to rule in North Carolina.  This has nothing to […]

These Weeks In Books, May 20 – 26

I know all three of you can’t wait to read this every week, so don’t be distressed if next week’s version is a few days late.  I’ll be away for a week and might not be able to post according to my normal schedule.  But have no fear, This Week In Books will return soon.  […]

This Week In Books, May 13 – 19

This week in Carp 500 history marked the beginning of a couple famous journies, without which our list would be the Carp 497.  Also, two of our authors had some issues with the law this week. On May 14, 1804, Lewis and Clark began their famous expedition through the Louisiana Territory.  Eventually, with Stepen A. […]