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One of the cool things about reading is how smart you get by doing it. I’m probably not the best example of this, but I’ve heard it’s true. Today I ran into a new word, redivivus. It was in the following sentence dealing with economists, “But he was not simply Adam Smith redivivus.” Hmm, what […]

One Millionth Word

According to the Global Language Monitor, we are approaching the creation of the one millionth English word. A new word is added to the English language approximately every 98 minutes. That being the case and all things remaining constant, we should achieve our one millionth word in April 2009. I wonder what the word will […]

Endangered Words

The compilers of the British Collins dictionary are looking to eradicate several words they view are no longer in use. In order to decide what words to cut, The Times (owned by the same group who own Collins) is asking their readers to vote to see what words to keep. Not sure how this will […]

Tongue Twisters

Here is a web page solely devoted to English Tongue Twisters. Be advised, do not go here for Spanish, German, Greek or tongue twisters of any other tongue.