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Banned Book: Ulysses

For Banned Books Week, I decided to read James Joyce’s Ulysses, well not quite the whole thing this week, it’s 640 pages long. Anyway, I have no idea why the book was banned. Nothing happens. It’s the story of a guy going through a day and all his thoughts and other people’s thoughts and thoughts […]

The Dumbest Generation

The Dumbest Generation: Don’t trust anyone under 30 Mark Bauerlein 236 pages Kids today have more technology, leisure time, spending money and opportunities and yet are some of the stupidest people you’ll ever meet. This isn’t just bashing on youth, there are facts to show that kids these days know nothing. Bauerlein proves his premise […]

American Nerd

American Nerd: The Story of my People Benjamin Nugent 224 Pages Nerds have gotten lots of attention lately, they are our saviors now. They have become more an ideal rather than an oddball group to pick on. Nugent traces back the origin of the nerd, showing from history and literature where the nerd psyche comes […]

A Stranger in the House of God

A Stranger in the House of God Joseph Koessler 214 pages The latest fad in Christian publishing is the self-loathing Christian testimonial. Most of surrounding the issue of how much the church stinks. Blue Like Jazz made the type famous. The great thing about these kinds of books is that you don’t have to know […]