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Christian Pick Up Lines

Apparently, some single Christians are being encouraged by their churches to use online dating services for the express purpose of learning how to flirt. Christians lack confidence in the dating arena and that does not help church growth. In the midst of this very odd article, (why is this news?) there is a list of […]

Non-Usable Words: Rough-housing

As a reader I have adopted a pretty sizable vocabulary. In this sizable vocabulary there are words that I know but just can’t bring myself to use. Words, that if I did use them, would immediately be followed by an apology for having used it. Rough-housing (sorry) is one of those words. I don’t even […]

Merged Books

What happens when you combine a classic work of literature with another book? Oh man, hilarity ensues! Green Eggs and Hamlet” – Would you kill him in his bed? Thrust a dagger through his head? I would not, could not, kill the King. I could not do that evil thing. I would not wed this […]

On Reading Fairy Tales

Here's a very funny post on reading fairy tales.

On Libraries

Cow Pants

Italian Humor

"Humor" might be a stretch, but I did come across some Italian jokes.  Unfortunately, I only found one joke worthy of posting so this post will be much shorter than I anticipated, therefore, I'll fill in space with a long introduction.  Not that I'm overly PC, but the rest of the jokes seemed too stereotypical and we […]

SAS Decorating

So, you're super busy reading all the Carp books and you find little time to decorate and do fancy crafting in your house. Or, you're like me and find yourself needing some SAS Decorating – that's Short Attention Span Decorating. I set out to find an easy way to bring a little bit of Italy […]

The Basics

Here are some basic Italian phrases to get you started:  Hello –Salve Good morning  -Buongiorno Good evening –Buonasera Good night  –Buonanotte Hi –Ciao Good bye –Arrivederci See you soon –A presto But here are the important translations:  Dove è la libreria? – Where is the bookstore? Avete letto tutti e 500 le? – Did you […]

Why there aren’t more readers … Part Two

That's a library sign hidden in that bush … I think.