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Cool Bookshelf

Here’s yet another unique idea for a bookshelf: the inverted bookshelf. The books hang upside down! How weird is that!

Reading Sarcasm

People who read my writing often assume I am dumb. This is for two main reasons. 1) I frequently am 2) It’s a fact that people have a hard time detecting written sarcasm.

Martin K. Tytell

Martin Tytell died on Thursday at the age of 94. The New York Times has his full obituary, a fascinating read. Tytell was a typewriter repairman who leveraged his typewriter skills to gain a certain stardom. He did work for “writers Dorothy Parker and Richard Condon, the newsmen David Brinkley and Harrison Salisbury, and the […]

Butterfly Alphabet

Someone has put together a collection of photos of butterfly markings that illustrate our ABC’s. Pretty cool.

Photoshop Hoaxes

Messing with photos has always occurred, but now it is easier than ever to do it. That being the case, fake photos are circulated all the time with incredible stories to boot, none of which are true. Here is a list of the top 20 photo hoaxes.

What’s in a Name?

Chad Johnson, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals, is a class-A showoff, and mildly amusing if you like that sort of thing. He has always wanted to put his nickname on the back of his jersey, “Ocho Cinco.” However, the NFL, run by stuffy white guys, won’t allow it. NFL rules declare that you must have […]

Put the Book Down and Do Something

Popular Mechanics has an article on the increasing inability of people to fend for themselves in the world. This is due in part to specialization, the handyman mystique has all but disappeared, plus more time is spent manipulating pixels on computer screens than actually doing things. It also has much to do with dad’s not […]

List of Coke Uses

Since Coke isn’t all that great to drink, people have found numerous other things to do with it. Here is a list of 51 things you can do with Coke from cleaning off rust and bugs from your car, curing nausea, curling hair, clearing up congestion and many, many more!

Vocabulary Quiz

One of the ways reading supposedly makes you smarter is that it increases your vocabulary. The main reason you want to increase your vocabulary is so you can trounce people at word games. The folks at the Concise Oxford English Dictionary have put up an on-line quiz to measure your vocabic power. Good luck.

Reading Mayan

In case you are getting bored reading the Carp 500, here’s a new challenge for you. 1) Learn to read Mayan. 2) Find Carp books written in Mayan. 3) Read the Carp list in Mayan. Enjoy.