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The Pixar Touch

The Pixar Touch David Price 262 pages Pixar has created several great computer animated cartoons: Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and a few others. You may know the movies but do you know the stories behind them? Did you know that Pixar started as a computer manufacturing company? The book also gets into the […]

Zoo ABC’s

Along with the post below, I’d like to submit my favorite site for ABC’s, entitled “Bembo’s Zoo.” It’s amazing – but you’ll probably want to view it on a computer with Flash capabilities.  Here’s the link: Bembo’s Zoo

Anne of Green Gables

What do Anne of Green Gables and the Chicago Cubs have in common? They’re both stupid? Good guess, but nope, not what we’re looking for. They both play like girls? No, and that was a cheap shot. They both had their shining moment 100 years ago. Anne was first published in 1908, the very same […]

HarberCollins and the Didgeridoo

HarperCollins, publisher of The Daring Book for Girls, has apologized for its chapter teachinggirls to play the Australian aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo (equivalent to the bagpipes of Scotland or the accordion of Germany). Apparently, this is a total faux pas to aboriginal culture which forbids girls and women from playing the instrument. If a girl […]

School Boycott over Books

About one thousand students on the south side of Chicago walked out of their classes on the first day of school to protest being forced to share books since they can’t afford more. The students and their parents are upset that the quality of their education is much worse than for those in the suburbs. “The […]

Bookshelves in Parks

Freakonomics blog has a post on European countries that have bookshelves in parks that work on the honor system. He postulates that this would never work in America, where trusting each other to be civil is a greater risk. Either that or Europeans don’t have as much money as Americans and loan things more graciously and carefully.

Why Read the Carp 500?

It’s weird that I was one of the early joiners of the Carp 500. I like reading, but I read mostly non-fiction. I was forced to take literature classes in college, including a whole class on Shakespeare, heightening my disdain for literature. The only thing I remember from the Shakespeare class is that I never […]

Magazine Readers

I enjoy a good magazine, but am finding that good magazines are hard to find. I hate buying them from the store for $6 so I subscribe instead, which usually allows you to get a whole year for around $15 or so. Unfortunately, most magazines start to annoy me after the sixth issue making me […]

Word Up

What’s more fun than mowing your lawn today? Looking up words on Visuwords, of course! Visuwords is an online graphical dictionary and thesaurus. Why the little bubbles are so mesmerizing, I have no idea, but they’re definitely more fun to look at than blades of grass.

Free Audiobooks

Librivox has volunteers record chapters of books which are in the public domain. There are about 1500 currently available. Download and listen for free! Or volunteer your time and read a chapter for their database. Hey, we could do a Carp book and have our members read chapters for posterity!